Sending Military Families to Sporting Events & Concerts Since 2011

Ticket Holders

If you are a season ticket holder or can't make a game last minute, we have the technology and networks in place to let you easily donate your seats to a local military base.

Prossional Sports Teams

If you are a season ticket holder or can't make a game last minute, we have the technology and networks in place to let you easily donate your seats to a local military base.

Company Tickets

When companies have corporate seats or boxes that go unused, we work with them to utilize those tickets and put them towards a good cause.

Monetary Donors

With monetary donations we are able to go out and customize game day experiences for soldiers and their families.

Moise Andrei Octav Discusses the Importance of the GI Ticket Foundation

A renowned business entrepreneur since the early 90’s, Moise Andrei Octav uses his knowledge and experience in order to discuss in length the GI Tickets Foundation, and what this institution does for the military and their families.

The GI Tickets Foundation, founded in August of 2011, is doing a great service to the military by providing soldiers opportunities to go to and watch sporting events and concerts. The foundation is founded by graduates from Villanova University in Philadelphia, all of whom want to help the troops with full sincerity in their hearts. They work with professional sports teams and corporate industries to ensure that military families can get free unused seats to watch the athletes play.

During times of war and strife, many soldiers find themselves spending long periods of time away from their families in order to perform their duties, oftentimes without any guarantee that they stay alive during and after the skirmish. Since they spend a lot of time hunkering down in some of the most remote places on the planet in order to perform their missions, most of them will become unaccustomed to a normal civilian life. Iit will take them a long period of time in order to reintegrate back to their families and communities. The scars of war do not fade easily, and will become a permanent part of them, both physical and mental wise.

Not to mention the families that have to continue working and living their lives worrying every day, knowing that their loved ones are out there risking life and limb for their sake. With their partners away for who knows how long, many find themselves either longing for them for forever, or even committing adultery due to their absence. Their children grow alienated and estranged from their absent parents. Families may grow severed and broken as a result.

Moise then explains that what the GI Ticket Foundation is doing is very important, because the military and their families shoulder the burden of stress and sacrifice in their regular lives. Many veterans who have served their countries well have become disabled because of the war, and family relationships become strained as more time without their loved ones pass by. Even if only by a little, the foundation wants to give back to the troops and shows support for both them and their families in order to be reintegrated and reconnected with society

The GI Ticket Foundation is a non-profit foundation, and has accepted donations from folks who want to help the cause. Soldiers are people too, and they deserve as much opportunities to enjoy, relax and spend time with their families and feel like they belong.

Moise Andrei Octav claims that the work that the troops have done to the country has been crucial in keeping the people safe from harm, and that they shouldn't be disregarded. Many of these war veterans are recognized for their valiant efforts and have been discarded by society in large. Moise assures that by giving them a chance, soldiers can get the chance to take back their happy lives.